Training Courses

Course Descriptions

Navis’ goal is to challenge students of all levels by providing training paths that meet them where they are. This is why we developed an online training portal to engage experts and beginners alike. Navis customers who subscribe to Navis Training gain access to the entire library of Navis e-Learning, including the basic industry overview and skill-building courses listed below. Content is continually enhanced and added to Navis Training providing on-demand access for students.


What is N4? (1 hour)

An overview of N4 in relation to the Navis suite of products, including the necessary context for students of all levels.

An Introduction to Port Container Terminals (1 hour)

Provides the fundamentals of commercial networks, relationships, pressures, risks, and opportunities in the container terminal industry. Many of the brightest new people at your site may not have the necessary context they need for strategizing within the operation. This course unveils some of the industry jargon, and invites students to have a stake in the excitement surrounding the industry, including the business goals and operational realities of the container terminal industry.

N4 Use and Navigation (2 hours)

While today’s new N4 users may be naturals with technology, the N4 TOS manages a unique set of challenges that require specialized interfaces. The goal of this online course is to provide a fun place where new users can practice navigating and successfully deploying the most often-used tools in N4, such as creating recaps, finding and naming container positions, interpreting container icons, and moving containers. Students emerging from this course will have the fundamental skills necessary to focus and succeed in the deeper Role-Based operational courses.


Fundamentals to Navis N4 & XPS Operations (5 days)

The 5-day course presents the basic N4 and XPS operational features and functionality of the N4 Terminal Operating system which is the heart of the terminal data and control systems. This introductory course is intended for any terminal personnel from Operations to IT to Management and seeks to provide them with the fundamental concepts and standard functions of the N4 TOS and XPS interface through lecture, hands-on exercises, and quizzes. This required prerequisite course enables students to progress to the more detailed operational or role-based curriculum based upon their individual job function and curriculum path. In this course, students will work with a Navis expert instructor to cover all standard functions of  N4 TOS.

Vessel Planner (5 days)

Designed to help your Vessel Planners maximize Navis N4 and XPS productivity, the Vessel Planner Operational Course uses your operational workflow to conduct a "day in the life" of a Vessel Planner. Our instructors guide you through hands-on exercises that cover all aspects of effective vessel planning, including PWP, berthing, EDI (BAPLIE), discharge, load, projections, work shift creation, Quay Commander, and Autostow. Upon completion, students will have successfully planned a significant number of loads and discharges.

Yard Planner (5 days)

A critical component to running a highly efficient operation is the implementation of a specific and strategic Yard Plan. Yard integrity is vital to ensure smooth throughput of cargo. Poor yard decking decisions can be costly and time-consuming. The course takes Yard Planners through all aspects of yard planning from manually assigning allocations, and configuring decking decisions for Expert Decking. Through hands-on exercises and discussion, Navis Trainers guide students through the processes required to ensure that you minimize yard shuffles and maximize productivity.

Rail Planner (3 days)

An average rail operation will account for 30% or more of a terminal’s throughput. Rail Planners who understand the tools available to maximize railside operations is vital to a container terminal’s success. On-time train performance is the result of a well-executed plan that optimizes rail and yard velocity. The Rail Planner course is designed to provide students with technical N4 and XPS training enabling them to generate (or necessary for generating) strategic rail operating plans. This course takes students through all aspects of the rail module within N4 and XPS. Discussion and hands-on exercises follow real-life scenarios that occur in rail terminals around the world.


N4 Product Code Extensions Training (5 days)

This 5 day hands-on workshop is intended for qualified Java developers who have an interest in developing code extensions for the Navis N4 Terminal Operation System. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to set up ItelliJ, Java SDK, Groovy, and Navis library environments. In addition, students will learn best practices in Groovy coding along with many practical examples of writing, deploying, and testing customer Groovy code in N4. In addition to Groovy development, general notices, web services, SOAP testing, script runners, and other product extension externalization methods will be discussed in detail. The course is typically 5 days in length, but may be extended to 7 days for those customers wishing to add N4 Billing code extensions as well.

N4 Advanced Administration (5 days)

This 5 day course is intended for the serious terminal operating system user or IT manager. In this course, students will work with an industry expert instructor to cover the advanced administrative functions of the N4 TOS, including Gate Configuration, Advanced Report Writing, Advanced Security, EDI Mapping, and SPARCS Administration and Configuration. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, students will emerge from the course with a good working knowledge of how to administer the N4 system​.