Training delivered to your users, in person or virtually

When it comes to terminal success, investing in your people is just as important as investing in equipment and software. To get the training to the people who need it most requires a variety of formats. That’s why Navis makes its training available not only in live, in-person classes but also through virtual classrooms with live instructors, recorded training classes and our extensive online training program, Stack Academy.

Navis Certification Program

Virtual and Recorded Training

Navis uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver virtual training to our customers. Our virtual classrooms allow students from multiple remote locations to attend a virtual class in real-time, with a live instructor who answers questions and gives personal assistance to each student. Exercises and labs also happen in real-time on live Navis software, and a training environment is available after the training is completed for continued education.

Navis also has a variety of its live training classes available online as recorded training, for students that are unable to attend live or virtual training.



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Navis Training Video

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Navis Training: Investing in Your People

Effective training is essential to your terminal's success. Learn more about how training can optimize your operations.

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