Master Terminal By Navis

"Our people have extensive experience and understanding of the global logistics industry, which provides the foundation on which we build trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. We are committed to delivering world-class service, every time."


Cornelder de Mozambique

"The level of support from the Navis Services team was absolutely great! We were uncertain about how to manage our N4 implementation, but I can say that from the very first day the project team came to Beira, Navis gave us the confidence, strength and trust to run the project successfully from start to end. The work from Navis was absolutely amazing! " - Frans Van Rheeden, Terminal Manager


Long Beach Container Terminals

"Working with Professional Services is really working with the gurus of the system." - Josh Johnson, Manager Operations Development


Ports America, PNCT

"The N4 Go-Live implementation went very well and literally within two weeks of the go live, we actually set our weekly vessel lift records. So it went very well." - Chris Garbarino, Vice President Operations


PD Ports

"Our new Navis BI tool has served as a real game-changer. We now have much more visibility into our operations, and by utilizing the resulting information, we are able to much more effectively manage change and conduct active decision-making." - Mike Westmoreland, Business Process Manager


Malta Freeport Terminals

"The Navis optimization team committed themselves to find a resolution and address the situation. We had several visits at the terminal from the team, and we were able to actually change the situation, which resulted in using Expert Decking 100%” - Jesmond Baldacchino, Head of IT


Navis Services is a team comprised of over 75 consultants ready to help customers with Navis N4 implementation, Master Terminal implementation and beyond. With over 500 years of combined experience in the container terminal space, the Services team delivers value through operational consulting, systems integration, hands-on training and project leadership to take customers through their go-lives as quickly as possible.

Master Terminal By Navis Services



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Navis Services

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Services Productivity Workshop

How mature is your terminal’s operations? How effectively are you using the tools available in Navis software? The Productivity Workshop is a 2-day onsite training. We will measure your terminal’s maturity and then compare your performance to the overall standing of terminals in the industry. Then use the results to plan improvements to productivity and efficiency.

N4 Services

Navis Services ensures a terminal’s operational success with the expertise needed to achieve world class performance. Learn more by viewing the available services below.