Navis Business Intelligence Portal


The Navis Business Intelligence Portal suite unlocks the value of N4 data by providing historical and real-time visibility into terminal operations for live analysis. Delivered as a suite of two products – BI Portal Analytics and BI Portal for Operations Monitoring – these insights enable data-driven decision making by allowing users to understand operational trends and patterns.

BI Portal Analytics is a powerful solution that supports tactical and strategic decision making by enabling comprehensive analysis and management of waterside, gate, yard and rail operations. A library of standard KPIs, dashboards and a robust analytics-ready data store provides both aggregate and detailed operational insights to business users and analysts. It is an effective tool to uncover problems and opportunities, identify root-causes and areas for improvement, as well as execute and improve efficiency by the leveraging the knowledge gained from data.

BI Portal for Operations Monitoring is a purpose-built solution to monitor the state of terminal operations via critical KPIs in real-time. These timely operational insights support quick and proactive decision making, allowing operations teams to take corrective actions in near real-time.

PD Ports Powers Productivity with the Navis BI Portal


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Navis Business Intelligence Portal

The Navis BI Portal can optimize decision-making processes at terminals. Watch Video >



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The Power of Business Intelligence

Navis reached out to terminals across the globe to find out the challenges and opportunities that they have around data and analytics.

Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide


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Maximize Performance with the Navis BI Portal

Navis experts highlight the latest developments in the Navis BI Portal, as well as share techniques in maximizing BI reports for decision making across your organization.


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Business Intelligence tools can help terminal operators to analyze operational KPIs and quickly create reports to help make necessary decisions.


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Is it time for the broader supply chain to leverage big data & analytics in its operations? The answer is yes.