N4 Expert Decking


For most terminals, the conventional style of yard planning is extremely time-consuming, costly and inaccurate. This makes it difficult for terminal operators to increase yard capacity and optimize terminal operations. N4 Expert Decking automates yard planning by distributing containers throughout the yard based on predefined business rules. This comprehensive yard allocation module facilitates real-time, accurate and optimized stowage of containers in the yard and allows users to spend less time observing yard allocations and more time managing the yard.

N4 Expert Decking considers the state of the yard in real-time, dynamically assessing container volumes, CHE locations, stack configurations and terminal specific business rules for "best-case" stacking of import, export and empty containers.

With N4 Expert Decking, move decisions are made logically, minimizing the impact on future operations and maximizing terminal operational efficiencies.


N4 PrimeRoute

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N4 PrimeRoute enables optimal, real-time routing, dispatching and monitoring of straddle carriers, terminal tractors and other internal transportation vehicles within the container terminal. Learn more >

N4 Vessel Autostow

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N4 Vessel Autostow automatically generates stowage plans for the entire ship or by specific bay based on rules set by the ship planner in compliance with the vessel planning stowage strategy. Learn more >

N4 Rail Autostow

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N4 Rail Autostow enables terminal operators to automatically route railcars to hub assignments and plan train load sequences based on criteria preconfigured for a specific environment. Learn more >

N4 Terminal Operating System