When it comes to vessel utilization, the ship planner plays a vital role in your company’s success. The complexity of good stowage requires experience, knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how to orchestrate the different touchstones of a vessel’s rotation.

StowMan is a versatile, advanced stowage system that optimizes the filling factors through better and easier cargo operations. The software is designed to assist:

  • shipping lines in voyage planning for best vessel utilization
  • smaller terminals in optimizing the port call planning
  • agencies in an efficient load list management


An added advantage is the direct connection to the shipboard’s MACS3 loading computer, with all relevant cargo information available in real-time.

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Stowage Assistant Manager (SAM)


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Stowage Assistant Manager SAM

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Improve Utilization and Increase Planning Productivity With SAM

Find out how your operation can profit from the Stowage Assistant Manager SAM provides you in terms of vessels' utilization and planners' productivity.

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