Dangerous Goods


The MACS3 Loading Computer has successfully complied with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code amendment 40-20. The MACS3 Loading Computer is setting the industry standard in maximizing operational safety for container vessels as well as efficient loading operations worldwide. 

 “When it comes to handling dangerous goods, safety is not just part of the job - it is the job,” said Younus Aftab, Chief Product Officer at Navis. “The increasing number of incidents at sea clearly emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety for daily operations. With dangerous goods, there is just too much at the stake including legal sanctions and incidents leading to collateral damages, so it is imperative that appropriate safety measures not be overlooked and that key stakeholders across the ocean shipping supply chain operate with seamless solutions.”

What has changed in Amendment 40-20 that is applicable to MACS3?