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The heart of onboard loading operations is the loading instrument. With 65 percent of the market share in container shipping, MACS3 is leading the way for safe and efficient loading operations.

The Navis MACS3 loading computer utilizes a wide range of hydrostatic, stability and strength calculations to ensure fast decision making for the safe loading and unloading of all vessel types. MACS3 is type-approved and certified for on-board use by all major classification societies.

In our digital world, the loading computer is no longer an onboard proprietary stand-alone solution. Instead, it is a valuable data source for the entire ocean supply chain. MACS3 recognizes the importance of efficient information sharing between owners, technical managers, charterers, terminal, and port authorities by providing various cloud services, such as the MACS3 Connected and MACS3 API Services.

MACS3 has been in the market since 1984 as SEACOS MACS3. The ship library of Navis MACS3 includes approximately 5,000 vessel profiles. As the industry standard, MACS3 has been deployed for training by maritime universities worldwide.


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Container Vessels

MACS3 offers a rich variety of features that range from reading Baplie files (versions 1.x-3.1) to carrying out various condition checks for the lashing, visibility line, stability stress and dangerous goods including proposals for optimization. These features also include two- and three-dimensional graphic visualizations as well as report functions for all calculations and lists.

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Bulk Carriers

The operation of bulk carriers involve numerous hazards. Careful planning and execution especially for loading, discharging and ballasting operations are paramount. It is essential to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the ship's structure and also complying with all essential safety measures for a safe passage at sea.

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Multi-Purpose Vessels

The variety of cargo types and the dynamically adjustable design of cargo hatches of a multipurpose vessel (MPV) can pose special challenges for a loading computer. The MPV module for MACS3 can optimally load, unload and safely transport complex containerized and non-containerized break bulk, grain, roro loads and project cargo on board of a multipurpose carrier in consideration of customizable twin decks and hatch cover handling.

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Tanker Vessels

A safe voyage for tanker vessels starts with good calculation of the load for stable loading, discharging and voyage conditions - and beyond. The shipboard loading instrument can also assist tanker operators in optimizing the trim to load and ballast tankers for the most safe and efficient voyages. The MACS3 tanker version covers all types of tanker such as crude oil, product, chemical, LNG and LPG etc. and is approved by all major classification societies for intact, damage stability and strength.

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RORO and ConRo Vessels

Prepare, pre-stow and implement the ocean transportation of cargo on a roll-on / roll-of vessel under consideration of the latest safety standard with the MACS3 version for roro vessel operations. The loading instrument ensures an efficient data exchange of various data formats for roro and conro vessels.

MACS3 E-Learning for Container Vessels

Check out our MACS3 e-learning program for container vessels. This hands-on training delivers critical knowledge and technology experience, the crews require during operations. Get "MACS3 Ready" certified!


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With shore-based monitoring of the loading conditions, you can get direct access to current and historical data from your entire fleet - MACS3 Connected Services can provide increased visibility to make informed decisions. Learn More >


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Students want education that is relevant and applicable to the shipping industry. MACS3 for Universities, lecturers provide effective hands-on training with the actual software that is used onboard vessels. Learn More >

MACS3 Consulting

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Are you looking for ways to increase the cargo intake of your existing vessels? Would you like to integrate an optimized cargo intake for a certain trade already during the drawing phase? Learn More >


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