Monitoring and analyzing your fleet and vessel performance is the key to identify trends and take actions to improve the operational performance and reduce the maintenance costs.

Bluetracker fleet performance modules assist ship owners, ship managers, and charterers to gain valuable inside knowledge about operational vessel performance.

Eight reasons why to chose Bluetracker Fleet Performance solutions

  • Monitor engine efficiency and get automated KPI alerts
  • Analyze vessel hull performance according to ISO 19030
  • Track your vessel-specific charter party compliance 
  • Monitor constant voyage conditions and detect inefficient vessel operations
  • Integrate the crew with automated feedback reports
  • Benchmark and rank your fleet overall performance KPIs
  • Use the power of combined measured and reported data to get the best insights of your fleet's performance 
  • Integrate third-party data and feed your internal tools with performance relevant information via API 


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Hull Monitor

As an perfect complement to your Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, the tool monitors, tracks and analyzes the evolution of your vessels' hull performance over time. A more accurate decision-making based on the operational data helps you to initiate corresponding cleaning events in good time and generate savings in the fuel oil consumption.

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Voyage Monitor

When it comes to a fuelsaving voyage performance, close tracking based on reported and measured data can make the difference – especially for spot trading vessels such as bulk carriers and tankers. The Bluetracker Voyage Monitor is designed to provide voyage-based real-time visibility of vessel performance data.

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Charter Monitor

A real-time monitoring of operational speed vs. consumption as agreed on with the charter party assist you not only in mitigating speed consumption claims. In addition, the charter monitor serves as a platform that can be used to depict and administer speed consumption concepts for charter party services.

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Engine Monitor

How efficient do the main engine and auxiliary engines of the vessels I am in charge run? That is one of the most frequently asked questions technical superintendents are concerned about it. And that is why Bluetracker Engine Monitor helps to check the extent to which the makers’ specs can be measured against the data of running ship operations - and beyond.

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Lube Oil Monitor

One of the recognized ways of saving OPEX is monitoring lube oil consumptions. The Bluetracker Lube Oil Monitor tracks various types of lubrication oil consumptions and provides reports for any period of time.

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