Are you prepared to monitor and analyze the sulfur emissions for each ship in compliance to Sulphur Cap 2020? Would you like to replace manual data collection methods such as xlsx, csv and txt with one of the best EU Monitoring Reporting Verification systems (MRV) and IMO Data Collection Systems (DCS)? Are your shareholders expect nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission reporting of your fleet as well? 

There are many questions, Bluetracker Emission Compliance modules can give you the most satisfying answers.

10 Reasons why to choose Bluetracker Emission Compliance EU MRV, IMO DCS, and Sulphur Cap 2020:

  • Integrated and comprehensive plausibility check of all incoming data
  • Direct interaction with crew thanks to automated feedback reports
  • Fleet-wide standardized data
  • Dashboard to check the whole fleet at a glance
  • Automatic generation of annual emission reports in your verifier's format
  • Easy reporting onboard the vessel
  • Ready to upload Thetis-compatible formats
  • Double certified solution by Verifavia and DNV GL
  • Complies with ISO IEC 25051 software security requirements
  • Calculates your fleet's NOx emissions 

Bluetracker Emission Compliance Modules

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The dedicated EU MRV system facilitates data collection and automates the generation of emission reports with an unique data validation engine to ensure the most consistent data quality.

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A system that is able to collect all data needed, to ensure the data consistency and plausibility and to automate the generation of the emission reports in compliance to the IMO fuel data collection system requirements.

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EEOI Ranking

Monitor the ship-specific Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI), define EEOI targets and benchmark the environmental performance of your vessels against these targets. Check out the EEOI ranking module by Bluetracker. Tracking and benchmarking were never as easy before.

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Bluetracker One calculates the sulfur oxides emissions SOx for each vessel based on fuel consumption per fuel type, SOx conversion factor, and the reported sulfur content. A new plausibility check considers the installation of a scrubber and informs the users if fuel with more than 0.5% sulfur content has been used. The system helps to effectively monitor the SOx performance of your fleet.

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Nitrogen oxides NOx are one of the main pollutants from the ship's air emissions. MARPOL Annex VI is strictly followed to have air pollution under control limits. With Bluetracker One NOx module you can monitor your ship's NOx emission including boilers and combustion engines NOx results. Track the impact of your activities to mitigate NOx pollution and report the successes to your stakeholder.

AUERBACH Schifffahrt

“Our vessels operate in the spot market. We need a system that allows a customized setup for easy MRV and IMO DCS reporting.”
Nautical Superintendent

Verifavia & Verifavia Shipping

“One of the best solutions I came across.”
Chief Operating Officer & VP Technical
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The certification by Verifavia confirms that all the parameters required for compliance with the EU MRV regulation are adequately monitored in the system and Bluetracker’s reporting mechanisms are fully compliant with the regulations.

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According to Verifavia's assessment, the aggregation of emission data by Bluetracker is compatible with the official platform EU Thetis MRV: The file 'Emissions.xml' generated by the system includes data for both EU MRV voyages and EU / European Economic Area (EEA) port stays and it was successfully imported in THETIS MRV

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All the parameters required for compliance with the IMO DCS regulation are adequately monitored in the system and Bluetracker’s reporting mechanisms are fully compliant with the regulations.

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"MRV READY" Certificate by DNV GL

Bluetracker has been declared “MRV Ready,” following a Validation GAP Analysis Audit conducted by the classification society DNV GL. According to the validation report, the Bluetracker MRV module supports three of the prescribed four monitoring methods and collects all MRV-relevant data. The module is able to relay details of CO2 emissions as well as other data relevant to reporting, thus enabling simple data exchange between various applications.


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