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Data integration from various sources and visibility of operational vessel performance data in high quality and easy information sharing and reporting format is what differentiates Bluetracker One from other performance monitoring systems.

With the “API first” approach we understand ship owners and technical managers’ need for a technical openness that allows them to benefit from more efficient reuse of successful, proven solutions instead of reinventing the wheel for every automation deployment.

A modern user interface design ensures an effective and easy use of the software. There are different Bluetracker One modules can add value with regard to emission compliance, performance and collaboration.

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Bluetracker One Modules

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A system that is able to collect all data needed, to ensure the data consistency and plausibility and to automate the generation of the emission reports in compliance to the IMO fuel data collection system requirements.

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Voyage Monitor

When it comes to a fuelsaving voyage performance, close tracking based on reported and measured data can make the difference – especially for spot trading vessels such as bulk carriers and tankers. The Bluetracker Voyage Monitor is designed to provide voyage-based real-time visibility of vessel performance data.

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Charter Monitor

A real-time monitoring of operational speed vs. consumption as agreed on with the charter party assist you not only in mitigating speed consumption claims. In addition, the charter monitor serves as a platform that can be used to depict and administer speed consumption concepts for charter party services.

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Hull Monitor

As an perfect complement to your Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, the tool monitors, tracks and analyzes the evolution of your vessels' hull performance over time. A more accurate decision-making based on the operational data helps you to initiate corresponding cleaning events in good time and generate savings in the fuel oil consumption.

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The dedicated EU MRV system facilitates data collection and automates the generation of emission reports with an unique data validation engine to ensure the most consistent data quality.

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