Navis Carrier & Vessel Solutions offers ocean carriers, ship owners and technical managers proven digital technology with its maritime solutions that meet the needs for safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly ocean transportation.


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Industry-Standard Of Onboard Loading Computer

Vessels that have been equipped with the MACS3 Loading Computer can safely carry secured cargo according to the latest rules of all major classification societies. From the feeder segment to ULCV, the MACS3 loading computer for container vessels combines a variety of functions ensuring safe and efficient marine transport. There are MACS3 versions for multi-purpose vessels, bulk carriers, tanker and RoRo vessels that reflect specific needs for different vessel types.


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Loading Computer Calculations in the Cloud

Navis brings essential loading computer services into the cloud to help ship operators with a fast access to current loading conditions. By using cloud technologies, not only the accessibility will be improved but also visibility of historical loading conditions and other calculation results to for further analysis.

MACS3 API Services

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Interface to Loading Computer Calculations

MACS3 delivers API services for easy integration in operational processes of our customers. Ports, ocean carriers and other key entities in the shipping industry can directly access and explore ship-specific loading calculation results for stability, strength, dangerous goods, lashing and condition checks. All of these significantly improve safety, collaboration and efficiency of cargo transportation by sea.


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Fleet Performance & Emission Compliance

Fleet and performance managers need to get the most out of collected vessel performance data in order to operate their fleet in the most efficient manner. The open performance management platform Bluetracker not only accommodates manually reported and sensor-driven collected data, but also integrates third party data. Bluetracker has modules that can manage emission compliance, charterer-owner collaboration and performance.


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Smarter Stowage Planning

Our customers are among the top ten ocean carriers, as well as liner shipping companies who operate just a few vessels. They succeed in increasing their vessel performance and productivity by using smart vessel stowage planning with StowMan. Thanks to the connectivity to XVELA, they can now collaborate with terminal planning centers, agents and other relevant stakeholders to share stowage-related information in real time.


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