Beyond Optimization: The Importance of Workforce Management Tools in Freight Rail Operations

Crew costs are one of the highest variable costs for a freight rail undertaking. To maximize productivity, sustain service levels and provide a safe working environment for scheduled crews, railways need innovative software tools that can simultaneously consider how train and rolling stock plans impact crew plans. Rail planners also require a framework for the processes related to crew workforce management.

In this webinar, "Beyond Optimization: The Importance of Workforce Management Tools in Freight Rail Operations," we will show you how an integrated software platform can provide the best system for master roster development, through the capture of time and attendance.

About our Presenters:


Tom Forbes, Head of Rail

Tom Forbes, Navis’s Head of Rail, has worked with railways across Australia, Europe and North America delivering advanced planning, scheduling and optimization software solutions for the past two decades. Tom has an extensive background in leading companies that deliver planning and operational software solutions leveraging mathematics to deliver efficiencies across transportation, aviation and rail. He has first-hand experience in delivering innovation into railways such as Kansas City Southern, SNCF, Aurizon and Pacific National and is passionate about the benefits that new technologies and approaches provide.


George Bradley, Director, Product & Operations

George Bradley has ten years’ experience designing and implementing planning, scheduling and rostering software for freight rail operations. In George’s current role as Director of Product and Operations for Navis Rail, he has helped freight railways across Australia, North America and the United Kingdom make tangible efficiency gains through planning software. George manages Navis's flagship product for freight rail operations planning and oversees the related implementation projects. Prior to joining the rail industry, George spent five years as a machinery automation engineer and several years consulting in logistics and energy. George has experienced first-hand the success factors and challenges in realising benefits from planning and management software systems.