Migrating to the Cloud with N4 SaaS

Companies are increasingly adopting SaaS solutions in virtually all functions of their business. Realizing the benefits of SaaS technologies, 79% of Navis customers surveyed in 2020 indicated they are considering moving their TOS to the cloud to increase their profitability, improve flexibility and shore up their backup and disaster recovery plans.

We invite our Navis N4 customers to learn more about the benefits of migrating from N4 to N4 SaaS. Join us to find out how these widely used cloud technologies can help you 'future proof' your TOS and allow you to better manage costs.           

We'll discuss:

  • Why terminals are moving to the cloud and how they're lowering their total cost of ownership
  • The migration path of moving from on prem to cloud operations. How world class Navis Support & Services will assure your success in making this digital transformation
  • Tapping into the Navis Smart Platform for easy deployment of Navis Smart Apps and 3rd party apps
  • How N4 SaaS provides the flexibility & agility you need to withstand the changes in capacity and volumes your terminal faces over time

About our Presenters:


Ajay Bhardwaj, Sr Director of Product Management

Ajay Bharadwaj is responsible for Navis's cloud initiatives and SaaS application offerings. Ajay brings expertise in launching products to cloud environments, security, and pricing and licensing models. Prior to joining Navis, Ajay held leadership positions in product management across Enterprises in the Networking and Security domains. Ajay has a BS & MS in Computer Science. He also holds a MBA degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.


Darren George, Director Technical Services

Darren George has worked in the industry for over 10 years with his first few years as a Navis customer at Transnet, South Africa. Darren joined Navis as a Senior Consultant in Professional Services where worked on a number of key customer implementations in the EMEA region and now works in Technical Services where he leads a team of specialized resources.