Learn the critical role Integration Testing plays in technology implementations at container terminals.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • Integration Challenges
  • Designing for Integration
  • The Role of the System Integrator
  • Testing and Training
  • Early Integration and Validation

About our Presenters:


Meena Shah, Product Manager

Meena Shah is a Product Manager for Automation and Equipment Control at Navis. She joined Navis eight years ago as a software engineer and has worked on the advanced applications, automation, and equipment control for SPARCS and N4. Prior to Navis, Meena developed IT tools including Etherpeek and Airopeek for WildPackets.


Lucia Ramos, Product Portfolio Manager

Lucía Ramos joined Navis in 2014. With seven years of experience in terminal automation, she started her career in the container terminal industry as a business analyst for the TTI Algeciras implementation, the first semi-automated terminal in the Mediterranean. After that, she joined Kalmar as sales engineer to work on process automation solutions for container terminals. At Navis, she joined the Product Management group to focus on the N4 autoshuttle implementation. In her current role, as Product Portfolio Manager, she works on identifying opportunities to improve or expand Navis product offerings with the aim of delivering commercially successful products that drive customer value. Lucía holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Uruguay (UDELAR).