Navis 360 Managed Services in Action!

In this webinar, Navis experts will demonstrate how 360 Managed Services can help you to:

  • Monitor your N4 ecosystem
  • Diagnose problems using state of the art log analysis tools
  •  Automate your manual tests prior to major upgrades.

You will see the tools 360 Managed Services uses to conduct these services in action, including monitoring dashboards, log file analysis and the automation of test scripts.

About our Presenters:


Meena Shah, Sales Engineer, Navis

Meena Shah is a Sales Engineer at Navis focusing on brownfield retrofit automation and optimization. She has over a decade of experience developing software solutions for both automated and conventional terminals. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a MS in Computer Science from the California State University East Bay.


Chuck Schneider, Chief Customer Officer, Navis

Chuck Schneider is the Chief Customer Officer. Chuck has held a number of key leadership roles: as Vice President for Professional Services, Vice President for Kalmar Automation, General Manager for the Americas, and for the past 2 years as Vice President and General Manager for EMEA. During his tenure at Navis, Chuck has been involved in numerous process automation projects utilizing technologies such as OCR, RFID and DGPS to automate data collection functions at container terminals. In addition he managed the services team that delivered on automated terminals projects for APMT Virginia and DPW Antwerp. Chuck Schneider holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering as well as a Masters of Computer Engineering from Cornell University.


Joseph Alexander, Manager Testing Services, Navis

Joseph's passion lies with all things related to testing. He has worked with manual, automated and stress testing using multiple tools & technologies and across different industries. With the creation of test automation frameworks, Joseph has accelerated the software release cycles by enabling users to perform automated testing rapidly and consistently in his role as the Manager of Testing Services.