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This timeline highlights the Navis growth and development story over its 30 year history. What else was going on in the world during this time?

Apple Debuts the First Color Mac

Built by Steve Wozniak but sold by Steve Jobs, this computer is the launch of Apple Inc.'s journey.

Michael Jackson Releases "Bad"

Record goes to produce five "number one" singles with worldwide acclaim.

Navis Founded

Jon Shields and Erik Tiemroth establish Navis, LLC in Oakland, California.

Seinfeld Premiers on NBC

The premiere of one of the most well loved American sitcoms.

Berlin Wall Falls

The dismantling of the Berlin Wall commences.

Nelson Mandela Freed from Prison

Nelson Mandela walks out of prison after 27 years behind bars.

Hubble Space Telescope Launched

The Hubble Space Telescope is carried into orbit by a space shuttle. It remains in operation today.

First SPARCS Go Live

Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) terminal in Seattle, Washington goes live with SPARCS.

First Website Put Online

The world's first website and webserver,, is put online.

First SPARCS with Yard Planning Go Live

NYK LA goes live with SPARCS and Yard Planning.

Soviet Union is Officially Dissolved

In December 1991, the Soviet Union breaks up into fifteen separate countries.

European Union Commences

The Maastricht Treaty is signed by the members of the European Community, founding of the European Union.

Mosaic Web Browser Released

NCSA Mosaid, the popularized web browser and World Wide Web, is released.

World's First Modern Automated Terminal ECT

ECT Rotterdam makes waves as the first automated terminal in the world.

First Truck Control Site Go Live

Dubai Ports Authority goes live with SPARCS Truck Control.

Microsoft Releases Windows NT

Windows NT operating system released by Microsoft.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is Established

Canada, Mexico and the United States create a trade bloc in North America.

Star Trek the Next Generation Airs Final Show

STN finishes it's seventh season and is nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Dramatic Series.

First SPARCS Rail Go Live

National Terminals Limited in Sydney, Australia goes live with first SPARCS rail module.

World Trade Organization Commences

World Trade Organization (WTO) officially commences under the Marrakech Agreement.

Navis London Office Opens

First Navis London Office Opens at Tilbury.

First Powerstow Go Live

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) goes live with Powerstow.

First Express Site Go Live

Exolgan in Buenos Aires goes live with SPARCS Express.

First Navis World

First Navis World held in San Francisco, California.

Lyttleton Goes Live with SPARCS

First SPARCS/Express Yard RFID Go Live

APL Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle goes live with SPARCS/ Express and Yard RFID. 

Navis Latin America Office Opens

First Navis Latin American office opens in Buenos Aires.

P&O Sydney SPARCS Go Live

P&O Sydney goes live with SPARCS. Becomes the first DPW site.

DVD Released

DVD is commercially released.

First North American Express Site

APL Seattle goes live with Express. Followed by APL LA in June 1997.

NASA Pathfinder Lands on Mars

The Pathfinder lands on Mars to conduct experiments on the Martian surface.

Navis Hong Kong Office Opens

Navis begins operations in Hong Kong.

Titanic Premiers

The most expensive film of all time, costing between $250 and $300 million to produce, premiers.

The Euro is Established

Europeans agree on a single currency, the Euro.

MS Windows Versions of SPARCS and PowerStow Released

Navis ports SPARCS and PowerStow to MS Windows NT.

Google is Founded

Larry Page and Sergey Brin establish Google, the search and cloud computing behemoth.

10 Maersk Sites Go Live in 11 Months

Long Beach, LA, Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Miami, Port Everglades, Norfolk, Tacoma, Oakland, Elizabeth New Jersey go live on SPARCS.

Star Wars Episode 1 Premiers

The Phantom Menace premiers after George Lucas' 22 year hiatus.

SPARCS Manages 100 Installations

Navis SPARCS used to manage 100 installations worldwide.

World Prepares for Y2K bug

Globally IT departments prepare for the Millenium bug.

First Prime Route Customer

P&O Melbourne goes live with Prime Route.

ECT and GPA Go Live

European Container Terminal (ECT) goes live with SPACRS/Express.

Navis India Office Opens

Navis India office opens with 7 people in Chennai, India.

First High Volume Truck Site

Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) goes live with SPARCS Express.

First Resident Crew on Space Station

Expedition 1 conducts first long-duration stay on the International Space Station.

PTP Goes Live with SPARCS

Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Malaysia goes live with SPARCS handling 418,000 TEU in 2000.  Terminal has grown to 7.7 million TEU in 2013. 

Apples Introduces the iPod

Apple presents the iPod offering "1,000 songs in your pocket".

First Harry Potter Book Published in London

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone premiers in London.

1,000,000 Line Source Code Conversion

Navis completes a million line source code conversion of SPARCS from Pascal to C++, beginning with the 3.0 version.

The Beginning of Automated Testing

A skunkworks project spends one month to deploy Navis' first automated testing system.

First Chinese Human Spaceflight Mission

Shenzhou 5 launches - the first human spaceflight Mission of the Chinese space program.

First Navis Customer in China

Port of Ningbo in China goes live with SPARCS.

Facebook is Founded

Online social networking service is founded.

Navis Dubai Office Opens

Navis Dubai office opens and grows from 1 person team to 12 people.

Navis Turns 16

Navis celebrates its Sweet Sixteen.

YouTube is Founded

The video sharing website is founded for users to upload, view and share videos.

First N4 Go Live

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) goes live with N4.

First Automated SPARCS Multi-terminal Go Live

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) goes live with SPARCS multi-terminal solution.

Pluto No Longer a Planet

International Astronomical Union reclassifies Pluto as a "dwarf planet."

Transnet Terminals N4 Go Live

Transnet Cape Town goes live with N4.  First of 10 Transnet terminals to go live with N4 this year.  All terminals run on a single instance of N4 using N4's multi-terminal data model.

2,100 Year Old Melon Found in West Japan

Oldest melon with flesh still on the rind found in vacuum-packed state in wet layer below the ground.

Apple Introduces the First iPhone

First generation iPhone released.

First Automated Terminal in North America

APMT Virginia becomes first automated terminal to go live with SPARCS and Express.

WALL-E Premiers

The CGI science-fiction romantic comedy by Pixar goes on to win Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

First ECN4 Go Live

Global Container Services' empty depot in Antwerp goes live with ECN4.

Large Hadron Collider Goes Live

Highest-enery particle collider ever made goes live with proton beams successfully circulating in the main ring the first time.

First Rail Only Terminal N4 Go Live

P&O Trans Australia (POTA) Brisbane (now Qube Logistics) goes live with N4.

First ECN4 and Automated Stacking Cranes Go Live

Antwerp Gateway goes live with ECN4 and automated stacking cranes (ASC).

Burj Khalifa World Opens

The tallest man-made structure in the world opens - at 829.8 meters.

Justin Bieber Releases My World 2.0

Bieber's first full length studio album is released. Bieber is nominated as Best New Artist at 53rd Grammy Awards.

Transnet South Africa Goes Live

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), South Africa goes live with N4.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton Marry

Prince William marries Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London.

Final Mission of NASA's Space Shuttle Program

Space Shuttle Atlantis completes final mission of NASA's space shuttle program.

Navis Rotterdam Office Opening

Navis Rotterdam Office opens in the Netherlands.

Maasvlakte II Selects N4

APM Terminals' facility Maasvlakte II selects Navis SPARCS N4 as its terminal operating system of record.

LBCT Goes Live with N4

Long Beach Container Terminal implements N4, enabling streamlined operations.

Navis Launches Optimization Services

New Navis division helps terminals boost productivity.

Jimmy Fallon Takes Over Tonight Show

The appointment of Jimmy Fallon as host leads to the revival of The Tonight Show.

First Integrated Navis/Kalmar Automation Solution Go Live

DP World London Gateway goes live with N4 and Kalmar Automated Equipment.

Navis Turns 25

Navis celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

Over 1.28 Billion People Use Facebook Each Quarter

Facebook use continues to skyrocket in the digital age.

Navis Announces XVELA

XVELA Company established to manage cloud-based collaboration.

Navis Collaboration Center Launched

Largest industry online community and support portal launched.

Navis Unveils BI Portal

N4 Business Intelligence Portal launched for smarter decision making.

Apple Watch Debuts

Apple's first entirely new product in 5 years quickly becomes a best-selling wearable device.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Released

The Force Awakens premieres, reawakening the Star Wars franchise.

Cargotec Acquires Maritime Software Solution Provider

Navis establishes Carrier and Vessel Solutions with acquisition of Interschalt.

Amazon Prime Reaches 54 Million Members

With 2 day free shipping for its members, Amazon continues to corner the market for online shopping.

Uber's First Self Driving Cars Start Picking Up Passengers

Uber's self driving cars debuts in Pittsburg with the help of Carnegie Mellon University researchers.

Game of Thrones Becomes Most Awarded Series in Emmy Awards History

With 38 Emmy awards and many more nominations, GOT becomes the most awarded television series.

Khorgos Gateway Goes Lives with N4

Khorgos dry port leverages N4 to build trade links across Eurasia to Western Europe.

Asia's First Fully Automated Terminal N4 Go Live

QQCTN achieves highest productivity in world leveraging N4.

N4 in the Cloud

Steveco Vuosaari and Mussalo go live with N4 in the cloud.

XVELA Receives Digital Innovation of the Year Award

XVELA honored at Transport Arabia Excellence Awards.

Navis Launches Stack

Navis launches online training portal for customers.

Navis Hosts Inaugural Automation Summit

Navis summit takes place in London to explore future of terminal automation.

Simatech Shipping Goes Live with XVELA

Simatech goes live with collaborative stowage solution.

First Integrated Intermodal Qube New HTML UI