Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador Become First Container Terminals in Latin America to Use XVELA for Collaborative Planning

November 5, 2018

Brazilian terminals to share real-time information on vessel call planning with ocean carriers through XVELA to improve operational efficiency and customer service

XVELA, the world’s first maritime business network for ocean carriers and terminal operators, today announced that Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador, Brazilian container terminals and subsidiaries of Wilson Sons Group, will work with XVELA as early adopters of XVELA’s cloud collaboration platform.

Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador are the first terminals in Latin America to use XVELA to collaborate and share critical planning information with ocean carriers. They join dozens of terminals worldwide whose planners are using XVELA in various “Phase One” rollouts and trials of the solution.

In this early adopter phase, the terminals will use the solution to collaborate with Log-in Logistica, a leading provider of cabotage door-to-door intermodal logistic services in Brazil and the Mercosur region. Tecon Salvador had already been collaborating with Log-in Logistica as part of a previous XVELA trial.

As the southernmost seaport in Brazil, Tecon Rio Grande handles 98% of all container cargo that passes through the Port of Rio Grande thanks to its physical and geographic advantages, equipment and technology investments, and competitive rates, already reaching a record 158 MPH in 2018. Tecon Salvador, located in Bahia, Brazil, has also benefited from investments in technology and infrastructure, recently achieving the rate of 107 CMPH in the operation of the E. R Berlin, attaining new records of productivity and container moves respectively. Both terminals are part of Wilson Sons Group, one of the largest port operators, maritime, and logistics services in Brazil.

XVELA’s early visibility can help terminal operators identify potential issues in advance and resolve them before they have a negative effect on the vessel operations, thus minimizing delays during operations. Terminals also benefit from XVELA’s real-time notifications of any mismatch between the carrier’s stowage plan and actual stowage execution, such as a hazardous box in a non-hazardous slot, so potentially costly mistakes can be corrected before load operations are complete, reducing the risk of ships not sailing on time.

“As the first terminal operators in Latin America to use XVELA, Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador demonstrate that they are leading the way toward a more reliable and service-oriented supply chain,” said Robert Inchausti, Chief Technology Officer of XVELA. “By working directly with their ocean carrier customers through XVELA’s business network, Tecon Rio Grande and Tecon Salvador, along with any carriers calling at these terminals, can benefit from a win-win collaboration that drives greater efficiency, higher resource utilization, and better service for all parties.”


XVELA provides a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and maritime business network that drives transparency, efficiency and profitability to ocean carriers and terminal operators. Through real-time collaboration, shared data and actionable visibility across the vessel rotation, XVELA enables terminals, carriers and their operational partners to work together to simplify, connect and optimize their end-to-end planning processes, starting with stowage planning and now expanding to berth management and port call optimization. The result is a win-win solution that allows both terminals and carriers to forge new efficiencies, improve customer service and reliability, and capture substantial untapped savings across the container supply chain.

Backed by Navis, the leading provider of software and services for terminal operators and ocean carriers, XVELA operates as an independent entity focused on enabling collaboration and operational visibility. For more information, visit www.xvela.com

About Wilson Sons Group

One of the largest operators in port, maritime and logistics services in Brazil, Wilson Sons started its activities in 1837 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The company has, for more than 180 years, established itself as a renowned service provider with competent business management in the segments of Container Terminals, Oil & Gas Terminals, Towage, Shipyards, Logistics, and Shipping Agency.