Navis Bluetracker Modules are Fully Compliant with International Emission Compliance Regulations

January 25, 2021

Verifavia recertifies that EU MRV and IMO DCS meet   emission compliance as well as development standards

Navis, the leading provider of maritime software solutions for efficient and compliant cargo, stowage planning and vessel performance, today announced that the dedicated emission compliance-modules for the EU MRV and IMO DCS Bluetracker Solutions- Bluetracker ONE & Reporting have been recertified by Verifavia. Bluetracker is fully compliant with the requirements of 2015/757 for the EU MRV and MARPOLAnnex VI, Regulation 22A for the IMO DCS.

As part of the Verifavia certification process, a deep analysis of Navis data and processes was conducted, including a comprehensive survey of the Bluetracker engineering team. The results recertifies that Navis continuously improves its software solution in response to new regulations and the needs of the shipping industry. Additionally, the analysis also showed that the focus of the latest major upgrades in the combined Bluetracker Solutions revolves around innovative offerings, which helps shipping companies eliminate manual processes and have one accurate data source.   As a result, the combined Bluetracker solutions assist shipping companies to generate automatic annual emission reports in accordance with the EU MRV and IMO Data Collection System (DCS) regulations. 

“With Verifavia certification and its latest upgrades, Bluetracker has once again yielded how significant it is to work with innovative and visionary software solutions while ensuring sustainable operations and processes for the shipping industry,” said Ajay Bharadwaj, Sr. Director Product Management for Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions. “That is why, here at Navis, we guarantee your operations and processes, in order to comply with the EU MRV and IMO DCS, will be sustainable, error-free and seamless with the combined Bluetracker Solutions.” 

“Reducing greenhouse gases emissions from the shipping industry is getting higher on everyone’s agenda, and complying with the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations while avoiding manually intensive administrative processes can be a challenge,” said Nicolas DuchĂȘne, Chief Operating Officer & VP Technical of Verifavia. “We strongly believe that the complying process can be robust, efficient and effortless if shipping companies invest in smart software solutions. In this context, our experiences show that Bluetracker Solutions, between others, offer a best practice solution to make the compliance process error-free, easy and automated for all the stakeholders.” 

The new period of compliance in the ocean shipping industry has just begun, and Navis is now proving the value-added benefits of working with automated compliance solutions by offering modules of the EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting of Bluetracker Solutions for free. To learn more about Navis Bluetracker, view the on-demand webinar here.

About Verifavia Shipping:

 Verifavia Shipping strives to be the maritime industry’s first choice for the provision of emissions verification and hazardous materials preparation and maintenance services. With offices in Paris, Singapore, and Chandigarh, Verifavia Shipping also has trusted partners based in Panama, EU, Singapore, Republic of Korea, the US, Australia, China, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong to provide a local, accurate and expert service worldwide.

By combining its innovative approach and streamlined procedures with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of its team, Verifavia Shipping provides smooth, flexible and competitive services, enabling customers to navigate compliance effectively and efficiently.

Verifavia Shipping was the first company to provide EU Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) services and the first independent verifier to provide International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Data Collection System (DCS) verification for several flag states.

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