Navis 360 Managed Services Helps Terminals Achieve Success Beyond the Go-Live

June 18, 2019

New Offering Enables Terminal Operators to Tap into Navis’ Expertise To Increase ROI and Reduce Risk 

Navis a part of Cargotec Corporation and provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading organizations across the shipping supply chain, today announced the launch of Navis 360 Managed Services. Tapping into Navis’ extensive expertise at container terminals globally, the offering provides subscription-based services around key areas of TOS success, including monitoring, upgrades, application management and operational review. These new services are designed to enhance customers’ experience and long-term success with N4 and related Navis products.

As part of a more holistic approach to working with terminals, Navis launched Navis 360 Managed Services with the goal of helping customers make the most of their terminal investments. By providing a suite of offsite services at attractive and predictable pricing, Navis 360 Managed Services provide valuable support for N4 TOS implementations, terminal IT Infrastructure management and business intelligence and analytics. Customers can leverage Navis’ global expertise and technology resources, freeing up limited onsite resources to focus on the business of running their terminals.

“With Navis’ many years of experience at virtually all types of container terminal operations around the globe, we’ve seen it all and have done it all—from the routine to the seemingly impossible. While some terminals have extensive teams dedicated to TOS implementations and ongoing TOS management and optimization, many others do not. Navis 360 Managed Services was developed for customers with a strong desire and/or need to tap more deeply into Navis’ expertise and staffing resources to ensure they are getting the most from their terminal investments,” said Christian Weinbrenner, Vice President Global Professional Services at Navis.

Through Navis Enterprise Services and Navis 360 Managed Services, terminals can save money by offloading routine IT and operations tasks to Navis, filling staffing gaps for difficult-to-find IT jobs, so terminal employees can focus on more strategic work. Additionally, Navis 360 Managed Services will allow terminals to take advantage of Navis’ expertise with access to experts, product management and engineering teams, and will allow customers to use monitoring, diagnostic and automated testing tools not available elsewhere.

Offerings within Navis 360 Managed Services include:

  • Monitoring and Diagnostics – Through remote monitoring of N4 systems and related environments, Managed Services proactively diagnose, alert customers and resolve potential problems through log review and diagnosis. Monitored areas include N4 databases, N4 services, overall IT Infrastructure, and key N4 TOS subsystems.
  • Update and Patch Services - Navis Upgrade Managed Services include test review, automation, and execution, groovy extension validation, stress testing and other support to help make upgrades successful.
  • Application Management - For customers needing 2nd level support for their N4 TOS, EDI administration, configuration management, or reports and BI management, Navis provides predictable and repeatable resources to help complement onsite capabilities.

Future plans for the service include an N4 application service for  database services and operations monitoring for analysis and tuning.