TOS In the Cloud for Fernandina

August 8, 2019


Navis has announced that Port of Fernandina, operated by Worldwide Terminals Fernandina, will go live with the Octopi SaS TOS in Q4 2019.

Worldwide Terminals Fernandina acquired Nassau Terminals Inc in early 2018 and is investing in the facility, including adding a Liebherr mobile harbour crane earlier this year. One of the port’s key customers is Sommers Isles Shipping, which runs a service between Fernadina and Bermuda. In addition a coastal service between Fernandina and Charleston has just been give a new Marine Highway designation by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration. The route will be known as the “M-95”, due to its expected reduction in truck traffic on the I-95 highway.

Fernandina is therefore well placed for growth, as the announcement from Navis noted: “Currently handling two mid-size container lines and 300,000 tons of breakbulk cargo annually, Worldwide is located 2 miles from the open ocean in Fernandina Beach, FL and is focused on containers, breakbulk and project cargo. Worldwide recently refinanced the Port’s debt with a $27.6 million public bond financing, which includes approximately $10 million for capital investment to modernize and expand automation and the infrastructure at the terminal, including dredging to 40 feet MLW”.

Fernandina joins a small but growing number of terminals opting to pay to use a TOS as a service over the Cloud, rather than install the software on site. Octopi is the part of the Navis portfolio, after it was acquired in March this year.

“Octopi TOS is lightweight and designed to improve vessel planning and gate operations at small-to-medium terminals,” Navis stated. As well as helping attract new container business, Octopi will enable Worldwide to “track cargoes moving between truck, vessel and rail, share real-time data through EDI with its customers and could automate processes such as customer billing and inventories”, Navis added.

“The Octopi team, the SaaS model, the scaling abilities, and the software’s ease of functionality and intuitive nature all factored into our decision to choose Octopi,” said Christopher T. Ragucci, CEO at Worldwide Terminals Fernandina. “Implementing Octopi’s state-of-the-art TOS is consistent with our commitment to offering the highest level of comprehensive services available in the South Atlantic, at extremely competitive rates.”

“We are excited to continue our foray into the smaller terminal and mixed cargo market through this partnership with Fernandina,” said Martin Bardi, VP of Global Sales, Octopi. “We look forward to being an asset to Worldwide in managing its operations more efficiently and are eager to aid in their continued success at the terminal.”

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