More JLT Computers for ICTSI

July 9, 2019


The terminals are the South Pacific International Container Terminal Ltd (SPICT) in Lae and Motukea International Terminal Ltd in Port Moresby. ICTSI started a 25-year concession at Lae in February 2018 and immediately installed the Navis N4 TOS.

“ICTSI is undertaking an ongoing initiative to improve the operational efficiency of SPICT, Papua New Guinea’s leading container terminal. The operator has invested over US $4.51M in the terminal to date, in excess of its commitments for 2022 and more than half of the initial agreed outlay for operational efficiency improvements,” JLT and ICTSI said in the announcement.

JLT Mobile computers are “Navis Ready” devices. “JLT Mobile Computers signed a five-year partnership with the Navis Ready Program in March 2019. The agreement guarantees JLT rugged computers validation for use with all major releases of the market-leading Navis N4 TOS over the next five years. Navis Ready validation means that customers can be assured that equipment from JLT Mobile Computers has passed Navis’ rigorous testing processes,” JLT explained.

JLT works with Lithuanian IT systems engineering company Autepra, which has installed JLT devices at other ICTSI terminals. Tomas Girdzevičius, CEO of Autepra said: “We have worked world-wide with ICTSI since 2013 and are proud suppliers of choice for rugged mobile computers. JLT devices are used with Navis TOS in everyday terminal operation to bring efficiencies to ICTSI’s business.”

Beatrice G. Mahuru, General Manager - Corporate Affairs at ICTSI South Pacific, said: “As maritime terminals are a central link in the supply chain, we at ICTSI South Pacific are committed to digitization and automation to bring efficiencies into our Papua New Guinea business. We are proud of our association with Autepra for ease of business using smart solutions.”

The VERSO 12 computers feature Intel Core i5 or E3845 quad-core processor options for demanding applications, JLT PowerTouch display technology with hardened glass, and a 12-in sunlight readable display and integrated backup battery for uninterrupted operation.

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