CSP Zeebrugge Terminal Rolls Out Navis N4 To Increase Data Transparency

July 29, 2019


CSP Zeebrugge Terminal N.V. (CSP Zeebrugge), a part of COSCO SHIPPING Ports (COSCO SHIPPING Ports), has implemented the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS) to help optimise operations and improve data visibility with partners and customers.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"} Navis’ TOC helps terminal operators automate decision making and elevate productivity across a range of operational and business processes. N4 optimisation modules take a holistic approach to streamlining operations to ensure that land, labour and equipment are used in the most productive fashion.

 By using Navis N4, CSP Zeebrugge will automate some of its processes, increase transparency, and help employees focus on their core tasks and deliverables.

“Based on their past successes and being the leader in terminal operating software, partnering with Navis was the right decision to push our business goals forward,” said Stefan Vanparys, N4 project lead of CSP Zeebrugge. “Bringing N4 to CSP Zeebrugge took careful planning and dedication from partners and the migration team and we are happy at the result we achieved at the end of the project.”

“CSP Zeebrugge is responsible for connecting important trade markets through its facility and needs to have the resources to serve their customers in an efficient way,” said Mark Welles, VP global partnerships for Navis. “CSP Zeebrugge is the first successful N4 rollout in COSCO SHIPPING Ports’ TOS standardisation program. Navis is continuing joint efforts to roll out N4 in the COSCO SHIPPING Ports terminal network across the globe in the coming months.”

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