The right training, at the right time, to the right people


The Navis approach to training

When it comes to terminal success, investing in your people is just as important as investing in equipment and software. That’s why Navis provides a comprehensive training academy designed to produce Navis experts across your operations. Our training programs provide custom tailored curriculums that combine online, self-paced e-Learning (including terminal simulations and games), Operational Training custom matched to your operational processes, and advanced and specialty courses that deep dive in particular technical areas.
Navis also understands that training is not just a one-time event, but an ongoing investment in your people. That’s why we provide ongoing, multi-year curriculum paths to make sure your staff stay effective and knowledgeable with Navis products.


Navis offers a full suite of online, self-paced training. The Stack Navis Training Academy combines social interactions, gamification, online quizzes, and interactive content to provide students core fundamentals, prepare them for additional classroom training, and provide ongoing incremental training on specific topics whenever students need it.

Operational Training

Navis instructors understand that training is only as good as it is relevant to the students. That’s why our operational training is tailored to your terminal’s unique operational processes. Every Navis operational training course begins with an operational analysis, to make sure our classroom course matches the way you do business. We benchmark your students knowledge both before and after the class, so you can see real metrics about the effectiveness of the training. And, our classroom instructors come from the industry, so they have deep knowledge in container terminal operations.

Advanced and Specialty Courses

In addition to e-Learning and Operational Training, Navis offers a large portfolio of advanced and specialty courses in areas like Billing, EDI, and Automation. We also offer certifications so that your people can prove their expertise.

Contact Information

For questions and current training information specific to our terminal operating solutions, please contact noelle.chalfant [at] (Noelle Chalfant).