Navis PrimeRoute

Optimize the Movement of Straddle Carriers and Terminal Tractors

Navis PrimeRoute enables optimal, real-time routing, dispatching and monitoring of straddle carriers, terminal tractors and other internal transportation vehicles within the container terminal.  

In traditional operations, each asset is dedicated to a single quay crane and dispatched on a first-come-first-served basis according to a move sequence, traveling laden in one direction and returning empty in the other. This inefficient method of operation creates excessive demand for equipment in order to match yard capacity to the productivity level required at the quay.

PrimeRoute pools straddle carriers and terminal tractors across a wide array of work assignments breaking them up into discrete “job-step” components, allowing for optimal, real-time dispatching of equipment to the work available. As a result, fewer straddle carriers and tractors are required to do the same amount of work while maintaining productivity, thereby lowering capital investments and variable costs for labor, fuel and maintenance.