Navis Maintenance and Support Options

Maintenance and Support to meet your needs

Navis offers Multiple support packages

1. Standard Support

The standard support package ensures multi-channel accessibility to our Technical Support Engineers by telephone, email and the Web - during regular business hours post project implementation. Our focus for Standard Support is an "as needed" technical support offering, designed specifically for smaller organizations with a less complex IT environment. This offering allows access to the knowledge of our support engineers by telephone, email and the Web. In addition, Standard Support provides easy access to online support services to help empower our customers with immediate solutions. These self-empowering resources can be accessed through the Navis Collaboration Center (NCC).

2. Enhanced Support

Navis Enhanced Support includes customized support beyond the normal day-to-day case management that comes with Standard Support. With Enhanced Support, a single Assigned Support Engineer (ASE) who is familiar with your business operations and technical environment, is assigned to your account and is familiar with your business operations and technical environment.The Assigned Support Engineer provides our customer's with unlimited proactive support, including advice on planned product updates and upgrades. The ASE acts as your advocate within to escalate and quickly resolve your critical issues. Our Enhanced Support is designed specifically to provide our customers with personal attention beyond the normal day-to-day case management provided with Standard Support.

3. Support for Product Extensions

You have invested in Navis N4 and most likely have added extensions to the platform to meet the exact needs of your terminal’s operations.  These extensions have been built outside of the N4 TOS to make your operations more efficient, cost effective and competitive.  It took a lot of time and resources to build these extensions, integrate them into the TOS and do the testing that ensured their stability. But now your operational needs are changing and it is time to upgrade your TOS or add a new extension. How can you ensure that this latest TOS release will be compatible with your existing custom configured extensions?  How can you trust that the new extension will work with existing technologies and configurations?  How can you ensure that code built outside of N4 won’t wreak havoc on your operations?

Navis Support Services for Product Extensions is comprised of a team of experts who can help you manage your extension code library, test the compatibility of existing code against new N4 releases, fix bugs in extensions, all to help you maintain your high performance standards and minimize downtime.  In addition, our team can help you implement a global process for code and documentation consistency, which will help you to maintain a centralized library of resources.

Which Support Offering is Right for You?

Navis' support packages can be tailored to match the complexity of our customer's technology infrastructure.