MACS3 Loading Computer

The standard in the shipping industry

The heart of onboard loading operations is the loading instrument. The Navis MACS3 loading computer has a wide range of hydrostatic, stability and strength calculations as well as additional functionalities for various vessel types allowing comparison with measured values to ensure best fact-driven decision making for safe loading and unloading operations. MACS3 reflects all major classification rules and is approved by them.

In a digital world a loading computer is not an onboard proprietary stand-alone solution anymore. Instead, it is a valuable data source for the entire ocean supply chain. MACS3 recognizes the importance of an efficient information sharing between owners, technical managers, charterers, terminal and port authorities by providing various cloud services, e.g. the MACS3 Condition View Service.

MACS3 has been in the market since 1994 as Seacos MACS3. All vessel are mandatory to have on board loading computers since 2005. The ship library of Navis MACS3 includes more than 4,500 vessel profiles. MACS3 has captured a market share of approximately 65 percent in the container segment. This widespread distribution has influenced the increasing demand for the software by maritime universities. It has been in use for training purposes since 1999. Initially only available to German maritime colleges it is now also deployed at maritime universities worldwide.

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