MACS3 Bulk Carrier Vessels

The operation of bulk carriers involve numerous hazards. Careful planning and execution especially for loading, discharging and ballasting operations are paramount. It is essential to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the ship's structure and also complying with all essential safety measures for a safe passage at sea. That is why the loading computer is such an invaluable shipboard tool.

MACS3 loading computer is designed to assist the ship’s cargo officer in planning and monitoring cargo and ballasting operations, rapidly calculating e.g. shear forces and bending moments for any load condition and identifying the imposed structural limits which are not to be exceeded. It is approved by all major classification societies.

Special cargo modules, the grain module or the steel coil module, ensure not only the compliance with international regulations such as the grain code or IMSBC but also reflect special regional requirements and formulas e.b. by New Zealand and the US.