Innovation at Navis

Planning for the Next Stage of Supply Chain Excellence

A major evolution is taking place in some of the current concepts used for driving operational planning, control and execution practices at terminals: but it is not enough and  several industry experts are calling for more progress or a ‘productivity quantum leap’.

A global trade digital framework will be needed that provides:

  • For terminals: necessary information to optimize performance, storage, better handling house-keeping, and to drive effectively capacity, performance and cost trade-offs,
  • For carriers: holistic software suites optimizing stowage planning, network value and vessel performance, utilization and capacity,
  • For shippers and cargo-owners: data and application platform including visibility and better control, enabling smoother and higher-value service.

The technology exists today to eliminate an estimated $17 billion of waste through the adoption of more integrated solutions. But for the vision of the port of the future to be fulfilled it will require strong industry leadership and a change in mindset.

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